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St. Josephine Bakhita Church
3200 Thomas Street, Mississauga, ON

Rectory: 3600 Forest Bluff Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5N 7W2
Tel. (289) 997-2105 Fax (289) 997-2104

Our Model of hope and charity, St. Josephine Bakhita, reminds us that we are actively part of God’s plan. We must heed to God’s call to gather His people and show His Love to the world. As a parish family, let us come together as the Master desires and raise up the first church in Canada under the name of St. Josephine Bakhita.
Our Mission

The Mission of the Parish is to be a Catholic, multicultural community of faith, called to witness and proclaim, to celebrate and share the Hope and Charity we have in Jesus Christ as exemplified by St. Josephine Bakhita, our “Universal Sister” (John Paul II) and “Model of Hope” (Benedict XVI).

We are a people who weave together this neighbourhood as:

  • A community of faith, committed to live the Greatest Love of Jesus Christ Crucified, and Mary, Mother of Charity at the foot of the Cross.
  • A community of prayer, nourished by the Word of God, the Eucharist, and the traditions of the Church, reflected in the way we live and celebrate.
  • A community that welcomes every woman and man, child and youth, of all cultures, to equal discipleship in Jesus Christ.
  • A community that is missionary, open to the needs of the world, committed to the promotion of justice, peace, and the stewardship of creation.
  • A community that is not afraid to face its pain and yet deeply trust “in the hope that saves.”

We believe that each one [of us] is called to be the strand that God will use to weave a tapestry in this place; a tapestry that will be intricate and exquisite.

Let us pray

Heavenly Father,
Author and Inspirer of all things holy.
We thank you for the gift of this church
filled with the power of your Word and Sacrament.
Send forth your Spirit.

As we gather in your name,
touch our hearts with generosity
for the proclamation of your Kingdom

Gracious God,
You call us to be your Church
Help us to become a true community that will witness and proclaim,
celebrate and share,
the hope and charity we have in Jesus Christ,
as exemplified by St. Josephine Bakhita,
our universal sister and model of hope.
Through her intercession,
and of Mary, our Mother of Charity at the foot of the Cross,
we ask this in Jesus' name.

Our Regular Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil Mass: 5 PM
Sunday Mass: 7:30 AM 9 AM, 11 AM, 12:30 PM
Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30 AM
Wednesday & Friday: 7 PM
Saturday Morning Mass: 9 AM

Pastoral Team

Pastor: Rev. Mark Achilles Villanueva
Deacon: Rev. Gerry Steyn
Deacon: Rev. Michael Ho
Administrative Assistant: Cecilia Vaz

Our Office Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 9 AM to 9 PM
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About the design of our new church

Our church design comprised three octagonal shaped buildings that are joined together by a narthex. Pope John Paul II, at the Beatification of Josephine Bakhita, said: “In Blessed Josephine Bakhita, we find an outstanding witness to God’s Fatherly love and a bright sign of the enduring value of the Beatitudes. In our time, when the race for power, money and pleasure causes distrust, violence and loneliness, the Lord is giving us Sister Bakhita as the Universal Sister so she may reveal to us the secret of the truest happiness: the Beatitudes.” There are eight Beatitudes, but why three octagonal shapes, you may ask. In the 1800’s, many of the people of Sudan lived in thatched huts and having three of these joined together indicate the shape of a flower. Our patron saint is often referred to as “The African flower”. We are fortunate enough to have the City-owned protected woodlot behind the church property, which we also took into account in designing the building. Thus, we do not only have a building with a garden but a garden with a church. More importantly, as St. Josephine Bakhita herself would teach us, our lives must be marked by unconditional surrender to the will of God, the essence of perfection. Her motto was: “What the Master wishes”. As you further look at the design, it will also remind you of the Transfiguration of Jesus, like a mirror in which the mystery of Christianity is seen in its unity. In this event of Jesus’ life, we realize our true calling, that is, to share in the divine life, to find our ultimate end of being united with the Lord, and hope that one day we shall all see God.